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With the charisma and composure of a seasoned performer, celebrated teen talent Preston C. Howell brings enthusiasm, energy, and compassion to every song he sings. Known for his buttery-smooth vocals and poised yet lively stage presence, the South Florida native has a big heart and a lush, agile voice that demonstrates effortless beauty.


Preston burst onto the national scene with his stunning rendition of “America the Beautiful,” singing before a live audience of 30,000 at the 2018 U.S. Open Men’s Semi-Finals. His recent success on Season 17 of NBC’s nationally televised singing competition “The Voice” garnered him fans from around the world, including all four celebrity judges and his chosen mentor, iconic soul artist John Legend. Preston’s career trajectory continues to skyrocket as he hones and expands his remarkable talent through new musical projects. As a current member of the nationally-renowned “Acapop! KIDS,” an elite group of talented youth singers formed by Grammy-award winning Pentatonix creators Scott Hoying and Ben Bram in collaboration with Warner Records, Preston records a cappella pop covers and music videos, with live performances including a recent appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show.


Now seeking to give back to the community that supports him, Preston’s first solo release “Supply and Demand” (set to drop mid-June) offers a bright flash of optimism for a difficult time. The first single off compilation album Leave On the Light, named for and released by the eponymous movement for mental health awareness and teen suicide prevention, “Supply and Demand” is a warm, cheerful look at how everyone has love to give. The track, written by Bcuz and produced by Meggastan, features a lilting, tropical vibe (accented by melodies from a 100-year-old guitar) and buoyant, dance-ready beats.  A portion of all proceeds from Leave On the Light are donated to Thank You First Responder, a non-profit dedicated to providing mental health first aid to first responders.  A feel-good song for summer and a philanthropic first release, “Supply and Demand” showcases Preston’s characteristic lithe vocals as well as his stylistic range.

 June 19






Teen suicide is a huge issue which is why I chose to get involved with Bcuz on the "Leave on the Light" campaign, a music movement dedicated to lifting people up and letting them know they are not alone. 

We are really doing some good. Supply and Demand is just the beginning...

Preston - On the Movement "Leave On The Light" with Bcuz