Preston C Howell

Preston C Howell is 12 years old and currently in the 7th grade. 2016 has been a very exciting year! Preston was honored to work on a project for the Maltz Jupiter Theatre under the direction of Andrew Kato as JoJo in the 25th Anniversary Special for the Art of Dr. Seuss. As a Pembroke Pines native, Preston enjoys performing for his regional theatres including his home town- Pembroke Pines Theatre for Performing Arts (PPTOPA). Preston has also performed for various local theatres including Boca Black Box, Area Stage Company, and Curtain Call Playhouse.  In 2015 Preston was also proud to be one of the finalist for WSVN's Kid Idol and most recently a 2017 South Florida Kids Got Talent Finalist. 

Preston's voice is rather developed for a young boy, noted by studio recorders when little to no tuning is required. That does not mean that Preston doesn't seek constant lessons, improvement, and constructive criticism in all areas. He has learned it is only through hard work that one can accomplish their goals

Preston's current interest is in having fun with his voice, as witnessed during his work for Nickelodeon as one of the Pirate Kitties. It is an updated version of the prerecorded Live on Stage Show: Dora the Explorer's Pirate Adventure. In addition to Kids Voice-overs, Preston can be heard imitating the amazing voice and look of Bruno Mars. He can be found melting the hearts of audience members with the song "When I was your Man". His dream, however, is to perform on the Broadway stage.

While Preston's heart is in his singing, he realized a new love for acting and thoroughly enjoyed and matured with the role of Willie Maurant in the Opera: Street Scene at Florida International University School of Music. These actors were an inspiration to him and proof that music while acting is an art to itself.

Preston credits his training to his great teachers throughout South Florida. He takes vocal, acting, and dance lessons. He participates in classes and student productions to enhance his musical theatre skills and is a member of a dance competition team at Broadway Kids Studio. He augments his dance training at Dancer's Gallery and he recently started performing with the professional conservatory at Area Stage Company which is guiding him to the next level. Ben Bagby, Preston's instructor and mentor is infusing Preston with the energy he needs to be a performer. As his performing and vocal coach, his music studio allows for vocal recordings giving Preston great experience and guidance. He has recently begun to train in classical Piano with Diana Heller and is excited to compete at the regional and state levels

It is Preston's hope that his music will provide a new means for him to give back to his community. "I would like to give back to my schools for teaching me all that I know" he says. He also wants to give back to other charitable organizations close to his heart such as the Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital Foundation.  Preston can be found supporting Multiple Sclerosis events, Autism for Music events, entertaining at Nursing Homes, and many other community events for special occasions.     

In addition to all the above, Preston is very involved in his school choir and thespian programs, participating at the regional and state levels. He has received awards at both levels and also in dance competition where he scored 5 stars and took home the Overall Musical Theatre award for his age group. Preston is active in his youth group at his church Christ Covenant in Southwest Ranches where he has also performed as a soloist.

Preston's career started at just 4 years old, with a few Frank Sinatra songs that he learned with his dad, Paul. His mother, Pam, could not believe the voice that came out of him, "I knew that pitch and tone was unique, his sweet voice was one of gift." In addition to his parents, his brother Cleyton supports him to the fullest. "Cleyton will be my manager one day" says Preston.



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